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Public Works Research Institute Result Report 2006

Public Works Research Institute Result Report 2006 PDF(116KB)

No.TitleResearch Team PDF
1.Research on man-machine interface in remote control of operating machine Advanced Technology PDF(P.1)
2.Research on methods to evaluate performance of drainage pumping station that uses Advanced Technology PDF(P-2)
3.A study on the climatic condition where concrete structures was actually exposedStructure Management Technology PDF(P-3)
4.Study on the strategy of how to install international standards for concrete structureStructure Management Technology PDF(P-4)
5.Development of investigation method for reinforcement corrosion in existing concrete structuresStructure Management Technology PDF(P-5)
6.A study on the database of concrete structures deteriorated by salt attack and its utilization for the maintenance planStructure Management Technology PDF(P-6)
7.Research on surface water and minerals flow in a dam reservoirGeology PDF(P-7)
8.Study on physical properties of liquefaction soil for seismic designGround Vibration PDF(P-8)
9.Limit State Design of retaining walls against seismic loadsGround Vibration PDF(P-9)
10.A research on seismic performance of reinforced concrete structure subjected to 3-dimentional excitationEarthquake Engineering PDF(P-10)
11.A research on seismic design method for bridge pier using high performance materialsEarthquake Engineering PDF(P-11)
12.A study about evaluation methods for restoration of river environment in river basin levelRiver Restoration PDF(P-12)
13.Study on the material dynamics through dam reservoir (2)River Restoration PDF(P-13)
14.Detection of Environmental Stresses on Aquatic Organisms Using Gene Analysis TechnologyWater Quality PDF(P-14)
15.Study on material transport process in dam reservoir (1)River and Dam Hydraulic Engineering PDF(P-15)
16.Study on design method of spillway for single purpose flood control damRiver and Dam Hydraulic Engineering PDF(P-16)
17.Survey on methods to estimate scale of landslide of cut-slope by high-accuracy surface displacement measurementLandslide PDF(P-17)
18.Study on development of planning method for the ground water drainage worksLandslide PDF(P-18)
19.Research on the elevation dependency of avalanche causal factors and avalanche predictionSnow Avalanche and Landslide Research Center PDF(P-19)
20.A study on a way to classify of snowy and roadPavement PDF(P-20)
21.Research on rationalization of tunnel support structureTunnel PDF(P-21)
22.Study on enhancement about tunnel maintenance methodTunnel PDF(P-22)
23.Research on connection design between steel and concreteBridge PDF(P-23)
24.Research on ultrasonic testing methods in welded joints of steel bridgesBridge PDF(P-24)
25.A research on bearing capacity of the shallow foundations subjected to earthquake loadsFoundation Engineering PDF(P-25)
26.Research on systematization of design method for trench structures (2)Foundation Engineering PDF(P-26)
27.Development of data base for evaluation of hydraulic and hydrological modelDisaster Prevention PDF(P-27)