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Public Works Research Institute Result Report 2007

Public Works Research Institute Result Report 2007 PDF(119KB)

No. Title Research Team PDF
1.Research on the desalination method for the concrete structures deteriorated by salt attack Structure Management Technology PDF(P-1)
2.Study on inspection / quality control method of concrete structures using semi-destructive and non-destructive Tests Structure Management Technology PDF(P-2)
3.Study on the new system of the materials for construction Advanced Materials PDF(P-3)
4.A study on lifetime estimation of polymeric construction materials Advanced Materials PDF(P-4)
5.Survey of problem by superannuation of earth structure and research direction Soil Mechanics PDF(P-5)
6.Study on the application of High Grade Soil to banking on soft ground and to protecting on srope surface Soil Mechanics PDF(P-6)
7.Research on the utilization of Knowledge Database in geo-engineering Geology PDF(P-7)
8.A study on specific rocks containing harmful mineral for effective utilization of as a dam concrete aggregate Geology PDF(P-8)
9.Development of estimation method for seismic damage using advanced sensor Earthquake Engineering PDF(P-9)
10.High earthquake resistant structure system based on seismic isolation Earthquake Engineering PDF(P-10)
11.Deveropment of design criteria and design procedures for unseating prevention systems of bridges based on failure scenarios Earthquake Engineering PDF(P-11)
12.Study on origin and behavior of recalcitrant dissolved organic matter Water Quality PDF(P-12)
13.Primary approach to evaluation of the effect of global climate change on river water quality Water Quality PDF(P-13)
14.Research on countermeasures against progressive failure of embankment dams damaged by shear deformation Dam Structure PDF(P-14)
15.Research on integrity evaluation of dams Dam Structure PDF(P-15)
16.Research on rehabilitation and reinforcement of concrete dams Dam Structure PDF(P-16)
17.Inland volcanic eruption and its impact on large watersheds Volcano and Debris Flow PDF(P-17)
18.Study on the method to evaluate risks of landslide-induced debris frows using new geographical data Volcano and Debris Flow PDF(P-18)
19.Research on measurement evaluation of landslides of early development stage Landslide PDF(P-19)
20.A research for activity characteristics of earthquake-induced landsides in snow-melting season Snow Avalanche and Landslide Research Center PDF(P-20)
21.A study on characteristics of shear strength changing of landslide mass induced by earthquake Snow Avalanche and Landslide Research Center PDF(P-21)
22.A study on the standard of construction place of the porous asphalt pavement Pavement PDF(P-22)
23.Research on technical improvement for selection of road route Tunnel PDF(P-23)
24.Research on methods to select measures against deformation of existing tunnel Tunnel PDF(P-24)
25.A study on rational design method of tunnel in deeper underground Tunnel PDF(P-25)
26.A study about a design method of road tunnel ventilation facilities Tunnel PDF(P-26)
27.Research on influence of deicing salt on durability of concrete structures Bridge PDF(P-27)
28.A study on seismic performance verification with nonlinear dynamic numerical calculations for highway bridges Foundation Engineering PDF(P-28)
29.Development of effective utilization techniques of biomass originated products in the farming area Regional Hydrogen Use Research Unit PDF(P-29)