Research Results/Technical Information

Outline of the Priority Research Projects Report, PWRI - Fiscal year 2006 -

  1. Research on prevention and mitigation of flood-related disasters in the world by utilizing integrated risk management approach
  2. Development of technologies for strengthening river levees against floods
  3. Development of seismic resistant technologies for road and river facilities to prepare for the anticipated big earthquakes
  4. Development of technologies for predicting or mitigating sediment-related risks posed by severe rainfalls or earthquakes
  5. Research on efficient utilization of sea fronts in the cold region
  6. Research for improving road safety standards against large-scale rock slope failures
  7. Research on winter road safety and efficient use
  8. Development of technologies for decreasing risk of life environment
  9. Research on improvement of design methods for efficient construction of highway infrastructures
  10. Research on advancement of maintenance technology for highway structures
  11. Research on durability of civil engineering structures against cold weather
  12. Development of recycling technologies in construction for efficiently utilizing natural resources and reducing wastes
  13. Development of techniques for conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems
  14. Development of technologies on dams that reduce effects on the natural environments
  15. Development of design techniques for environmentally sound river basins and channels in cold region
  16. Development of a local biomass recycling system based on a centralized biogas plant
  17. Research on improvement of water conveyance/distribution and structural maintenance of irrigation and drainage facilities in cold, snow regions
The contents above are outline of the "Priority Research Projects Report, PWRI, 2006".